Sidai Resource Centre

A home for pastoralist girls and young women who say no to FGM, beading, forced marriage and yes to continuing their education, developing their skills, and making a difference in their community.

It All started With

Sarah Lesiamito

a proud Samburu woman who founded and continues to lead Sidai Resource Centre. Since losing her best friend to FGM when she was a teenager, she has made it her life's mission to save girls in Northern Kenya from FGM, forced marriage, and other retrogressive practices and help them to continue their education.

Then and Now

Empowering Young Women

It started with Sarah taking into her own home a few girls who said no to the old ways. Now Sidai Resource Centre is a recognized Non-Profit with a building that houses 40 girls with a dorm, library, kitchen and dining room.

It takes a village


Over the years, Sarah has learned about and harnessed the power of community. She has masterfully surrounded herself with staff and volunteers from among the local people. She makes it clear that the whole community will benefit from these girls and young women choosing a new path.You can be a part of this effort too...

Help Make the dream work

Your donation can both help save a young girl's life as well as give her something greater to live for. Education and community support uplifts these girls and develops them into powerful young women who give back. Click the button below to make a one-time gift or become a part of our team by setting up a recurring donation. The girls whose lives you will change thank you.

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